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Webinar: Doing Business in Hong Kong During Covid-19

With air travel these days heavily restricted, it might seem impossible to open and operate a business in Hong Kong.

La Nao Consulting has gathered speakers from Invest Hong Kong, Statrys and Nasun Industrial to discuss how to remotely open and run your business in Hong Kong.


Jimmy Chiang

Associate-Director, Invest Hong Kong

Hong Kong as a platform for doing business

Alejandro Milan

Partner, La Nao Consulting

Company formation in Hong Kong

Verónica Medina Principal Consultant

Invest Hong Kong

Invest Hong Kong office in South America

Cecilia Paolini,

Head of Marketing, Statrys

How to open your business account remotely

Manuel Madrigal, Director,

Nasun Industrial Limited

Continuous growth and remote operation in Hong Kong

Niki Shum

Corporate Governance Department Head,

La Nao Consulting Moderator




Intellectual Property Strategy

Multi-Jurisdictional Contracts

Dispute Resolution



Company  Incorporation 

Corporate Secretary

Corporate Governance