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We provide a bookkeeping service that ensures that the records of each individual transaction are correct, up-to-date and comprehensive; this allows the company to have all the financial information needed to compile financial statements and to have as an aid for the audit process.

Inland Revenue Department 


On behalf of our clients, we liaise with the Inland Revenue Department (IRD), the tax authority in Hong Kong. The IRD can submit notice demanding further explanation for tax information submitted by companies, so we aid in the response of these notices. Furthermore, we may request tax records, extensions, etc…

Preparation of Financial


We offer basic financial statement preparation, including:  statement of financial position, statement of Profit and Loss, statement of retained earnings and statement of cash flows. Depending on the company needs we can perform further financial reporting. 

Audit Coordination

Companies in Hong Kong are required by law to be audited on an annual basis. Our service involves appointing an auditor and following up on all audit matters; we serve as an intermediary to handle the auditing process more efficiently.

Filing of Tax Returns

Hong Kong companies are required by law to submit their Profits Tax Return and Employers Return on an annual basis; we assist companies with the filing and filling of these Tax Returns. Individuals working in Hong Kong or receiving a salary (not residing in Hong Kong) from a Hong Kong company must submit their Individual Tax Return on an annual basis; we provide support to individuals as well.

Payroll Services

We provide a payroll service which includes the calculation and generation of pay-slip, MPF Fillings and salary payments. Our service is customized to meet the needs of the services requested by our clients.

Tax Computation and


We provide tax strategy services that focus on the planning of the company’s business structure to ensure compliance with tax mandates and obligations. 



Intellectual Property Strategy

Multi-Jurisdictional Contracts

Dispute Resolution



Company  Incorporation 

Corporate Secretary

Corporate Governance



Market Penetration

Industry Intelligence

 Business Matching






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