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May 10 2019

As any other company in the world, Hong Kong based companies have to pay salaries to their employees as well as tax and social security obligations payments in a timely manner. In addition, these records have to be kept for at least 7 years for each employee. 

La Nao assists in the monthly payroll services as follows:

1. Employee Registration and Processing for Mandatory Provident Fund ("MPF")


La Nao will register all employees in the Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme and will process the monthly payments to such Scheme. 

2. Payroll Calculation and Preparation of Payment Slips:


La Nao will calculate the payroll for all employees and will issue the employee payment slips. Such calculations will include allowances and benefits to employees. 

3. Payroll Payment:


La Nao will transfer the payment to the employee on behalf of the employer. 

4. Employer's Tax Return Filling:


La Nao will prepare and submit to the Inland Revenue Department the company's information containing all employees payroll required to fill in the employer's tax return. 

5. Inland Revenue Department Notification:


La Nao will notify and file the required forms to the Inland Revenue Department when a new employee joins the Company and when an existing employee leaves the Company.

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