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A recommended alternative for dispute resolution, international commercial arbitration is a confidential, expeditious, and usually cost-effective mechanism to resolve a dispute outside familiar courts. 

Immigration Services

Assistance in obtaining proper immigration permits and visas required to work, invest or reside in Hong Kong, China, Mexico and around the world.

Intellectual Property Strategy

Especially crucial in today's global market, securing the proper registration of IP rights is necessary in order to avoid problems down the road. We assist with trademarks, patent registration and strategy across jurisdictions

Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures can be a good alternative for foreign investment wishing to enter into China and vice versa. Therefore, properly structuring a joint venture is key to operating a business successfully. It is fundamental to understand how to structure a proper Chinese joint venture. We help our clients in negotiating agreements.


As a manner of alternative dispute resolution, mediation has proven to be efficient, inexpensive and comprehensive.  

Mergers & Acquisitions

A common practice in China, our team works to execute the proper due diligence before reaching any agreement. Knowing what to look for when performing due diligence in China can differ radically from other jurisdictions.



Understanding the relevant legal systems of different territories is crucial in the international business environment in order to structure the most favorable agreements.​​


Understanding the culture of commercial interaction in China is important to establish a solid reputation. Our experienced team will   assist you in any negotiations that you enter into.

Due Diligence

Ensuring complete confidence in any company that you work with is a valuable first step in establishing effective cooperation. Our team will work to ensure that any potential partner is to be trusted.


Intellectual Property Strategy

Multi-Jurisdictional Contracts

Dispute Resolution



Company  Incorporation 

Corporate Secretary

Corporate Governance



Market Penetration

Industry Intelligence

 Business Matching






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Disclaimer: We are a consulting firm. We are not a law firm or a certified public accountant´s firm. We are not licensed to practice law in Hong Kong. We do not offer or provide legal advice in Hong Kong. If you require legal advice or legal services in Hong Kong, we are happy to refer to a solicitor with whom we can collaborate.

Disclaimer: Somos una firma de consultoría. No somos un despacho de abogados ni de contadores públicos certificados. No tenemos licencia para practicar derecho en Hong Kong. No ofrecemos asesoría legal en Hong Kong. Si requiere asesoría legal en Hong Kong, con gusto lo referimos con abogados con quienes podemos colaborar.

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