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Due Diligence

Joint Ventures

Mergers & Acquisitions

Multi-Jurisdictional Contracts



Intellectual Property

Corporate Governance

Correspondence Address

Registered Office Address

Audit Coordination


Filing of Tax Returns

Inland Revenue Department Liaising

Preparation of Financial Statements

Tax Computation and Strategy

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Disclaimer: We are a consulting firm. We are not a law firm or a certified public accountant´s firm. We are not licensed to practice law in Hong Kong. We do not offer or provide legal advice in Hong Kong. If you require legal advice or legal services in Hong Kong, we are happy to refer to a solicitor with whom we can collaborate.

Disclaimer: Somos una firma de consultoría. No somos un despacho de abogados ni de contadores públicos certificados. No tenemos licencia para practicar derecho en Hong Kong. No ofrecemos asesoría legal en Hong Kong. Si requiere asesoría legal en Hong Kong, con gusto lo referimos con abogados con quienes podemos colaborar.

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