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Bank Account Opening

Having a bank account in Hong Kong facilitates business transactions in the region. However, banking regulations have become stricter and it is not simple to open a bank account. Our team has extensive experience assisting our clients from overseas in the process of opening corporate bank accounts.

Company Incorporation

Hong Kong is the ideal place to set up a company to do business with China and the rest of the world. We assist our clients with the incorporation of companies in both Hong Kong and China.

Corporate Secretary

Every company incorporated in Hong Kong should have a locally based secretary. We take on this role to ensure compliance with industry regulations and jurisdiction. This involves maintaining statutory books with documents transmitted between Companies Registry and the Inland Revenue Department, share certificates, etc… in accordance with the Companies Ordinance (Ch. 622) and company instructions.

Corporate Governance

Ensuring solid corporate governance, we help align the practices of directors and shareholders via key agreements and resolutions. Our team is highly skilled, experienced and always up to date, through active participation in corporate governance programs.

Correspondence Address

We provide a correspondence address for our clients allowing them to receive correspondence in Hong Kong from banks, suppliers, fair organizers, service providers, clients and others. Upon our client´s instructions we may open, scan and send mail, as well as receive and forward samples on their behalf.

Registered Office Address

Every company in Hong Kong should have a registered local address where official notifications can be received. We are able  to provide a registered address to our clients who are unable to do so.



Intellectual Property Strategy

Multi-Jurisdictional Contracts

Dispute Resolution



Company  Incorporation 

Corporate Secretary

Corporate Governance



Market Penetration

Industry Intelligence

 Business Matching






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