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Commercial Trips

We recommend that our clients visit their potential partners and suppliers in China. Depending on our clients’ needs, our team arranges commercial trips to China, scheduling appointments,venues,interpreters, transportation and accommodation

Industry Intelligence

Market knowledge in China is vital to have a successful business. By constantly managing the flow of information we can advise on the behavior of certain industries and market trends.

Purchasing Office

Managing an office in China can be complex and costly due to different aspects such as culture, language, difference in time zones and local practices. We act as our client´s purchasing office in Asia by streamlining resources to reduce costs. Our team of accountants, lawyers and engineers help manage their daily operations ranging from coordinating and sending samples, issuing invoices to managing letters of credit and account receivables with buyers.

Market Penetration

The first step before deciding to enter the Chinese market is to know whether there is a market for certain products or services. We bring years of experience and strategic relationships within key industries to assist our clients in paving a clear path for their business in a new market.

Shipping Logistics

We help our clients obtain all the necessary requirements to prepare export and shipping documents as well as to collect documentary credits.

China Company Formation 

We help you to establish a company in China. WFOE. The incorporation of a WFOE and the process of opening a corporate bank account takes approximately 1-2 months, depending on the specific licenses required for each type of company.

Translations and


The most important element in any relationship is communication and trust. Our team consists of professionals who are fluent in legal and commercial terms in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish and French to assist clients in maintaining efficient communication with their business counterparts. We provide translation and interpretation of these languages.

Corporate Representation

Having a presence in Hong Kong and China is of high importance to pursue business in this region. An entity in Hong Kong is regarded as international company. Our team carefully studies our clients’ businesses and industries in order to have a full understanding of their needs. Thereafter, we act as our clients’ representatives under their instructions. We offer services ranging from attending meetings with suppliers to more complex negotiations in Joint Ventures or Mergers and Acquisitions.



Intellectual Property Strategy

Multi-Jurisdictional Contracts

Dispute Resolution



Company  Incorporation 

Corporate Secretary

Corporate Governance



Market Penetration

Industry Intelligence

 Business Matching






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