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Hong Kong Employment Visa

The following steps are required for the visa application scheme "Entry for employment as Professional" under the General Employment Policy.

  1. Application background

The Immigration Department will take into account the following circumstances of the applicants when considering the granting of visas:

1. Not having a criminal record;

2. Not having any security objections to the admission;

3. Counting with a university degree related to the job position to cover;

4. Real existence of an available vacancy;

5. That the employment offer corresponds to their skills and knowledge and that the vacancy cannot be covered by local professionals in Hong Kong;

6. That the salary and conditions are appropriate to the mean of the market for professionals with simmilar qualifications; and

7. That the sponsor company may have enough means to cover the payment of the fixed and variable salary of the Applicant.

2. Information from the sponsor company:

1.Signed immigration form ID990B (supplied by La Nao);

2. Name of the company that will sponsor the Applicant;

3. Copy of the employment contract or offer letter (in case of not having one, it will be supplied by La Nao);

4. Copy of Certificate of Incoporation;

5. Copy of Business Registration Certificate (in case of being a Hong Kong company);

6. The latest three bank statements (if any);

7. Copy of the last audit report (if any);

8. A letter of commitment from an equity partner or parent company committing to provide the necessary funds, in case the company does not have the sufficient cash flow to justify the contracting;

9. Documentation detailing the company history (brochure, website, etc) (if any);

10. Proof of recruitment process in Hong Kong;

11. Justification of recruitment of the Applicant;

12. Detailed business plan with justifications of the recruitment; and

13. Copy of office lease contract in Hong Kong (shared workspaces allowed).

3. Information from the Applicant

1. Signed immigration form 990A (supplied by La Nao);

2. Recent photo included in point 1.4.1.;

3. Copy of the passport;

4. Copy of academic qualifications and relevant working experience that proof the abilities required for the job;

5. Copy of the CV; and

6. Recommendation letters from previous employers that should match with the working experience.

The complete application can be submitted to the following address:

Receipt and Despatch Sub-Unit

Hong Kong Immigration Department

2/F, Immigration Tower

7 Gloucester Road

Wan Chai, Hong Kong

The processing time takes from 4 - 6 weeks.

If you would like to get more details about the employment visa application please contact us at:




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